Roku Stick Support Help

Roku provides streaming media equipment and services for TVs. All products that support Roku run on the Roku operating system. Scroll down to know about how to contact Roku technical support for techy problems

Roku Stick Support Help

Roku Stick Support Help Details

Developers can publish streaming media channels or content items around the world for delivery to millions of devices including gamers. Roku, Roku screen mirroring, Roku® Streaming Sticks™ & Roku TV and common problems for these devices is Roku remote not working.

Roku Tech Support for Technical Problems

When you contact Roku phone number, it’s almost impossible to get help with technical issues, because Roku doesn’t provide you with services such as internet and payment. When looking for instructions on their products, it is best to visit their support site

[[Notice]] Also Beware of Tech Support Scams

According to the complaint filed today in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, USA. Content partners are publishing many new streaming channels that look like security alerts from Microsoft or other well-known companies.

The pop-up message fraudulently claimed that the consumer's computer was infected with a virus, allegedly to scan the consumer's computer, falsely confirm the presence of viruses and malware, and then provide a toll-free phone number for help and for Roku screen mirroring connection

When the victims called toll-free numbers, they connected to call centers in India, which participated in a gem scam scheme. The call center staff asked the victims to allow them to remotely access their computers and stated that they had found viruses or other malicious software on their computers. In the end, the call center staff mistakenly diagnosed the non-existent problem and asked the victim to pay hundreds of dollars for the service and software.

These Roku technical support scammers require American seniors to repair counterfeit computers or invention problems and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary technical support.

The following is the fraud prevention advice of the US Attorney Ariana Fajardo Orshan in Miami. Hear the information provided by AARP:

  • Do not click on the pop-up message on the computing device, indicating that the device is infected with a virus and may be permanently damaged.
  • Also, do not click on the link in the message that indicates that there is a problem with your computer.
  • Instead, delete such pop-up windows and contact your local software provider or IT consultant.

Is It Possible to Get Technical Support from Roku?

If you are trying to access Roku's support resources, Problems can arise when trying to access Roku support resources, as it is almost impossible to talk directly with members of the customer support team. If you are looking for product instructions if Roku remote not working, please follow these helpful tips.

Reaching Out to Roku Support Troubleshooting Technicians Directly

To get help from the Roku Support Center for Roku remote not working, the first step is to log in to their website. Click on the product name for which you need help and view available support resources. tcl Roku directly provides you with the help you need. Unless you are in the press, the form is limited.

The most common way to contact Roku troubleshooting team is via email. However, if you need Roku Stick support, Roku support, and Roku TV support services, there are exceptions.

Many people become victims of scammers trying to communicate with Roku. Numbers claiming to be Roku can only be used to deceive you. You can avoid this problem by contacting Roku through the contacts listed in the official documentation. When asking Roku for help, the support menu can be confusing. Use the input menu below on the right.

  • (Press 1) if you need help with music and downloads from the play store
  • (Press 2) if you have questions with your hardware
  • (Press 3) if you want to check your recent order
  • (Press 4) if you have questions about your products
  • (Press 5) for more options.

Roku Stick Other Info

  • Best phone support
  • Support email
  • Support URL
  • Fax:
    (408) 364 1260
  • Best time to Call
    02:00 PM PST
  • Quality Score
    78% Up

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