Why YouTube Not Working? (Is YouTube Down?)

YouTube is undoubtedly the king of video-sharing sites. It surpasses its competitors based on the number of uploaded videos each month and the daily hits.

Indeed, most people use it for matters of research and personal studies. Hence can never afford to go YouTube down even for a second.

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Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It is not uncommon for the site to go down from time to time.

Some reasons account for this YouTube not working. In our discussions below, we shall seek to provide possible answers to the question, is YouTube down right now?

We shall do this by highlighting some of these circumstances and what you must do to resolve the problem if and when the same arises.

Let's Fix YouTube Server Down Issues

Here are some reasons why YouTube is down. And how to resolve each.

Why YouTube is Not Working? (Top 10 Reasons and Solution)

Avoid too much connectivity. Different kinds of products will have different step strategies to fix the issue.

10 Main Reasons: Why YouTube Not Working?
10 Main Reasons: Why YouTube Not Working?

Reason 1. Obsolete YouTube App

If you access YouTube via your smartphone, you must first download and install the appfirst and foremost.

Google, the parent company of YouTube, does upgrade the app quite often. If and when the current app is obsolete, you might find it impossible to access the site via it because YouTube is down right now.

☞ How to Fix it:

Check whether an update is available. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Get to the 'Google Play Store' app.
  2. Choose the 'My apps & game' option from the menu.
  3. Find out whether YouTube is listed under the 'Updates.'
  4. Hit the 'Update' button if the app is listed there.
  5. Hold on for around a minute for the process to conclude.
  6. Roll out the YouTube app to ascertain whether everything is unfolding as expected.
  7. If nothing substantial happens, check the YouTube server status and try the next intervention.

Reason 2. Contradicting Cache and Data

While accessing YouTube, your browser will track all your activities.

It aims to help personalize your access while improving the loading times.

However, the cache may, at times, be conflicting. It is especially true when the old cache is used to access existing or updated sites.

Clear this cache to ensure the site operates smoothly and seamlessly.

How to Fix it:

  1. Open the 'Settings menu on your gadget.
  2. Hit 'Apps.'
  3. Choose 'YouTube.'
  4. Move on to select 'Storage.'
  5. Specify which activity between 'Clear cache' and the 'Clear data' you wish to do away with.
  6. Try and run YouTube to determine whether it may now be accessible.

Reason 3. Obsolete or Faulty Operating System

The operating system is the piece of software that runs your device. It coordinates the apps' activities and other resources stashed in the gadget.

Sometimes, In cases YouTube is down, you may never be able to access YouTube due to a fault or obsolescence of the operating system.

Suppose the root cause of the problem is a fault in the operating system. In that case, you will observe other apps or resources besides YouTube that are down or not working as properly as they should.

You may consider updating, replacing, or fixing the operating system as a way out of this.

How to Fix it:

To update your operating system, follow these steps:

  1. Open the 'settings' menu on your device.
  2. Choose 'System updates.'
  3. Download the most 'recent update.' (if available)
  4. The 'Systems Updates' may be in the settings menu under the 'About Phone option.
  5. Hit the 'Install button.
  6. Allow the device to reboot
  7. Open the YouTube App to find out whether it now works well.

Reason 4. Interrupted Internet Connectivity

Everything has to be fine if the site is to be accessed well.

Sometimes, it could be that the internet connectivity is not working or is broken.

Other factors include a faulty cable, signal interference, or call deferral! It can also result in a broken connection.

As is the case of the obsolete operating system above, the issue that YouTube is down also affecting other apps and sites besides YouTube.

Thus, check whether other sites are also affected before proceeding.

If you ascertain that internet connectivity could be the root cause of the problem, proceed in the following manner.

How to Fix it:

  1. Open the 'Settings menu of your gadget.
  2. Connect the device to the nearest 'Internet connectivity point.'
  3. Open YouTube or any other site or app to ascertain whether' YouTube is not working well.
  4. If the connectivity is robust, but YouTube is not working, attempt other interventions.

Reason 5. Faulty Extensions

As their names imply, extensions are resources primarily used to extend the ranges and functionalities of operating systems and browsers.

They, too, may contribute to the menace of YouTube not working properly. Your first task ought to find out whether they could be the culprits.

To do this, play YouTube in the 'incognito mode.' extensions never work in the 'incognito mode.' Suppose you can watch your videos in this mode. In that case, the extensions are responsible for the problem of YouTube being down.

You hence have to find out which one and then delete it.

How to Fix it:

  1. Skim your list of extensions to find out the most recently installed one.
  2. Do this by clicking the icon (three vertical dots) in the top right-hand corner, then choosing 'More tools,' and finishing by clicking 'Extensions.'
  3. It brings up a page from whence you may disable or uninstall all the extensions as you wish.
  4. Choose the one you suspect and then run YouTube normally.
  5. Do this again if the problem of YouTube outage persists after deleting a superfluous extension.

Reason 6. Faulty or Poor JavaScript

You must have JavaScript enabled to watch YouTube on your gadget.

JavaScript enables the retrieval of video and widgets on web pages.

Any errors or malfunctions in this script interfere with properly functioning and streaming the video content via YouTube.

Suppose you cannot access YouTube because YouTube is down right now. In that case, chances are that the JavaScript on your device is either disabled, outdated, or malfunctioning. Hence, it is prudent of you to check whether this could be the case.

How to Fix it:

  1. Get to the 'Chrome' settings.
  2. Click 'Advanced' at the bottom.
  3. Select 'Site settings' under 'Privacy and Security.'
  4. Hit the 'JavaScript' option.
  5. Activate 'Allowed (Recommended).'
  6. Check the YouTube server status.
  7. Open a YouTube video to find out whether it is now functional.

Reason 7. Outdated Browser

The browser, just like the operating system, also has much say regarding whether YouTube server status or any other site may be accessible.

Its role is to stream content from a remote server to the end user's computer. It has to operate robustly to guarantee proper video content streaming.

If it has any errors or issues like YouTube down or YouTube crash, the same may impede proper content streaming. Several other sites will also be affected if the browser is the problem.

How to Fix it:

If you suspect that this is the case, you have to follow the interventions below to Fix the issue:

  1. Click on the icon (three vertical dots) in the top right corner.
  2. Select 'Help.'
  3. Choose 'About Google Chrome.'
  4. A dedicated page will pop open.
  5. If an update exists, click "Install" and follow the instructions.

Reason 8. Incorrect Date and Time Settings

As long as it's not on the linked topic, any mistake in the date or time can impact the function of YouTube and many other websites.

That is given that many sites are designed to operate in line with the existing time slots.

Google's hosting services may also struggle with timing issues with data transfer between the servers and the end-user computer.

It is in your best interest to see that the time and date you set are true and accurate.

How to Fix it:

  1. Access your device's settings.
  2. Tap on 'Date & time.'
  3. Turn on the 'Automatic date & time' option.
  4. If this does not solve the problem, try resetting it manually.
  5. Hit the 'current time' at the bottom right-hand side of the taskbar.
  6. Set the correct date and time manually.
  7. Hit OK as soon as you are through.

Please note: you must have administrative privileges to make these alterations.

Reason 9. Blocked Service

Suppose you access YouTube from a public resource such as a computer laboratory or public Wi-Fi. In that case, the administrator may have blocked the service on the main server. It also generates a problem with YouTube's server status.

It's usually done as a precaution to deter people from getting distracted by the addictive nature of YouTube.

We ask you to confer with your network administrator if you suspect this. Each organization has its own set of rules that govern access to these and many more sites. You may not always hence access the site right away.

How to Fix it:

  1. You may have to troubleshoot your device to Fix this issue.
  2. Open the circuit and find out whether everything is all right.
  3. Blow out the dust to expel any issue that may cause trouble.
  4. Update a couple of operating system and software-related issues.
  5. When all else fails, restart your device.

Reason 10. Faulty Device

In closing, chances are that your device is just faulty. Several factors could be responsible for this.

The storage space may be problematic, the wireless connectivity may be compromised, or the circuit could have issues.

Before you arrive at this conclusion, you must have attempted many other interventions in vain.

How to Fix it:

Follow these steps to restart your device:

  1. Close all the open apps.
  2. Press the power button firmly.
  3. Hold the button in the pressed position for quite some time.
  4. Tap the restart option from the three that pop up on the screen.
  5. The gadget shall close and then restart after some time.
  6. After it is fully started, open the YouTube app and ascertain whether the YouTube outage problem is sorted out.

Restarting closes all the background apps, which may be responsible for the slowdown or malfunction of the YouTube site. Kindly note that it, in and of itself, does not Fix any underlying issues.

You still have to diagnose the root cause of the problem to solve it amicably.


In conclusion, checking the status of YouTube has never been easier. Whether you're experiencing issues with the platform or simply curious about its status! the tools outlined here can help you stay informed and up-to-date.

By utilizing these simple solutions! You can quickly determine if YouTube is down and take appropriate action. So don't let downtime! Get you down - stay in the know with our expert advice and enjoy seamless streaming on YouTube!

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