How to Cancel/Delete Sling TV Account?

Sling TV is one of the foremost standard services for Streaming Live TV and, at last, cutting the cable wire.

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It provides an array of channels that may rival nearly any traditional tv supplier. That said, managing your Sling TV subscription isn't forever easy.

Suppose you wish to cancel Sling or modifier your subscription package. In that case! You'll realize your means around their website and account management page. Learn below to know how to delete your Sling TV account.

Note: The Primary Step, in Either Case, Is Going to Your Account Dashboard.

How Do I Cancel and Delete Sling TV Account? (A Comprehensive Guide)

You can cancel your subscription if you do not want your Sling TV.

Suppose you desire a special cord or don't want to pay the monthly fee for a while. The process of canceling your subscription is easy.

To find the Sling TV contact number, learn this article carefully.

Visit Sling Website to Delete Account
Visit Sling Website to Delete Account

Delete Your Sling TV Account in Just 6 Easy Steps

You just got to follow these steps:

Step 1. Visit Sling TV Website:

Go to on your phone or laptop. You'll be able to log in to the location through any browser.

Step 2. Sign on to your Sling TV Account:

Check into your account if you can't remember your password! You can forever recover it through the forgot your Password link.

There's a tiny low-person icon at the highest of the screen. If you click on that, you may realize all the relevant information about your account.

Sling TV Sign In Page
Sling TV Sign In Page

Step 3. Click on the Cancel Subscription:

This feature can bring you the message cancel a subscription. Click on that once more.

Subscription Cancel Page Sling TV
Subscription Cancel Page Sling TV

Step 4. Answer the Queries:

Once you select the choice to cancel your subscription, you may see some queries.

They're going to attempt to determine why you wish to cancel. The knowledge makes it doable for them to create enhancements.

Step 5. Complete the Process:

Once the queries are answered, move to the lowest of the page and answer the question, 'How possible are you to return? And click on continue.

Cancel Subscription and Delete Sling TV Account
Cancel Subscription and Delete Sling TV Account

Step 6. Verification:

Enter your Sling TV user ID to verify the process; you can ensure your subscription has been off by checking your email. You must receive a confirmation of cancellation.

If you've not received confirmation, contact the Sling TV customer service representative to type the problem.

Note: After Cancellation or Delete Sling Tv Account, You’ll Be Able to Continue Looking at Sling till Your Request Cycle Is Over. You Will Prefer to Renew Your Subscription Later or Just Stand Back Forever.

How Do I Cancel or Delete Sling TV Account on Amazon?

Have you determined that Sling TV isn't a good service for you and wish to cancel your subscription?

Are you stranded and don't have the skills to travel concerning it? There's no need to worry since we are here to assist you. Follow these easy steps to cancel your Sling TV subscription.

Sling TV is one of the foremost standard services for streaming live TV within the US.

The service provides many channels that may rival any traditional tv provider. However, Sling subscribers say that managing a Sling TV subscription isn't forever a simple task.

You can find a whole lot of time attempting to work out! When and how you can cancel or modify your account on the company's site.

So, have you ever determined that Sling TV isn't a good service for you, and you wish to cancel your subscription? Are you stranded and don't have the skills to go regarding it?


Methods For Canceling Sling TV On Amazon

It's not intuitive on Amazon's website how to cancel the free subscription to Sling. After repeatedly watching the Final Four games freeze on my Sling TV box! I decided to unsubscribe from the service, paying $19.95 per month.

So, I finally found a way to flip it off. You must go to: Your Account > Your Apps and Devices > Your Subscriptions > Actions > close up auto Renewal on Amazon's website.

It appeared to be buried pretty deep, with a great deal of additional info concerning how to begin it rather than how to flip it off.

Want Assistance on This From a True Person?

GetListing partners with a company in the U.S., such as Sling TV, who can explain to you! How to deal with whatever difficulties you are currently facing.

– within the $20-40 orange.

– and typically is easier, less confusing, and more.

Typically, owning an Associate in Nursing skills is nice to assist you through a sticky drawback.

Reasons for Canceling Sling TV

Many individuals cancel their Sling TV subscription daily for various reasons. Here are a number of the common causes:

1. Cut down your expenses

With your Sling TV account, you have extra monthly payments on high utility bills. You may increase your savings if you stop subscribing.

2. Go out additional

Rather than watching tv, you can engage in several physical activities! And enjoy a healthier lifestyle as a result.

You'll be able to conjointly spend a lot of quality time with your friends and family.

3. Better sleep quality

For your body and mind to operate well, you may have to be compelled to get enough sleep nightly.

However, with Sling TV, you may stay up late by binge-watching your favorite shows.

How To Delete Sling TV Account: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Check-In to Your Sling TV Account

1st and foremost, move to on your laptop, tablet, or computer. It's impossible to cancel or delete a Sling TV account through your streaming device; thus, you'll get to use a laptop.

Head to and check in together with your email and password.

2. Visit "My Account" And Choose "Cancel Sling TV"

Click on your "Account" page, and appear for the "Cancel Subscription" link below "Your Subscription." Click the link, and proceed to the following step.

3. Continue Cancellation

How can Sling TV force you to stay for one more second? They advise you on the advantages of the service! And how they're different from the competition.

If you've already decided to cancel Sling TV, click "Cancel Subscription" again.

4. Tell Them Why

Next, deleting your Sling TV account can raise you to inform them why you wish to prevent your Sling TV subscription. You can select from various reasons listed or click "other reason."

This info helps Sling TV gather information to assist in improving their service in the future.

5. Make Sure Cancellation

If you wish to keep your subscription or permanently delete your Sling TV account, the last page can raise you one last time. Choose "cancel my subscription," and you're done.

What If I Cancel or Delete my Sling TV Account Early?

Since Sling TV may be a non-contract service, you can stop Sling TV at any time if you cancel or delete your account.

What happens if you pay for a month from March first and unsubscribe or cancel your account by the 15th?

All Sling TV subscription changes ensue on your renewal date. Your renewal date is the date you'll be charged once more for an additional month (April first, during this example).

So, if you cancel mid-month, you may still be ready to use Sling TV until your renewal date, and you won't be charged again.

The only exception to the present is Sling TV's free seven-day trial. If you check in for the trial and cancel on day one, your membership can expire instantly.

However, if you're a paid member, you'll be ready to continue using the service till your renewal date. For More Info, Contact GetListing Customer Care Helpdesk.

Is A Refund Possible After Cancelling Subscription?

Unfortunately, after deleting the Sling TV account doesn't offer refunds for partial services. If you cancel on the first day of the month or mid-month, it'll not be possible to urge a refund.

You would like to cancel whatever subscription means earlier so as for you to urge a refund.

Here are some tips you'll be able to follow to ensure that you don't get annoyed trying to get a refund from Sling TV.

Double Check Your Sling TV Account

Always confirm that you simply keep tabs on whatever subscriptions you have got. It could be done by watching your account exploit the top of the method.

Please don't notice that you simply have to cancel a subscription the day before it expires or add a daily or 2 to your subscription.

It may not give Sling TV enough time to process your cancellation and provides you with a refund.

Keep track of all emails and invoices you receive from Sling TV. Your account is typically charged double for a similar subscription, and you pay double the quantity.

Noticing such a mistake before your subscription begins virtually guarantees a refund. It gets much more durable after you know it once your subscription is terminated.

You can just contact your card company or bank if all else fails. Provide all the relevant information, and request for reimbursement.

How To Access Sling TV Account Settings?

  1. Open your browser and head over to Sling. After you arrive, choose check-in within the higher right of the page to log in to your account.
  2. You'll arrive on Sling's login page. Enter your email address and password, and press check in to continue.
  3. The Sling can take a second to fill, but once it does, you'll land on their streaming interface. Find and choose the gear icon within the higher right corner of the screen to open up your account settings.
  4. You'll arrive on the settings page with the Account tab open. Choose Manage Account to open a new tab for your account preferences.
  5. The Sling can open a replacement browser tab for your account dashboard containing all the links you'll need to manage your account. Those features cancel your subscription and ever-changing your package.
  6. If you wish to cancel your subscription, continue to consecutive sections; if you're simply here to create changes, skip to the last section.

To Get Started Canceling Your Sling TV Account, "You May Need":

  • Your username for Sling TV.
  • Password related to your Sling TV account.
  • Sling Account Email ID.
  • The last four digits of your MasterCard.


In conclusion, canceling or deleting your Sling TV account doesn't have to be a complicated process. With our step-by-step guide! You can easily navigate the Sling TV cancellation process and ensure your account is fully deleted.

Whether taking a break from television or canceling your Sling TV account is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few clicks.

Remember to follow our expert tips and tricks. Suppose you decide to return to Sling TV in the future. In that case, you can easily reactivate your account! And resume watching your favorite shows and movies. Thanks for reading, and happy streaming!

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